The Team


Michael Fixel (Playwright/producer)

After graduating from Columbia University, Michael spent two years in India and Nepal, and then lived in Boulder, Colorado, where he studied with Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, and Michael McClure. His career as a playwright took off again in 2012 when his verse play Salamander Stew had four productions, including the New York International Fringe Festival. Freefall Frostbite had its first incarnation in the mystically charged space of the Ellen Stewart Theater at LaMama. His long poem The Freedom of the Dreamer was recently choreographed and presented by The Sandbox Theater in Minneapolis. He can be contacted at



Juliet Fixel (Artistic Director/ Choreographer/Executive Producer/Musical consultant)

Juliet graduated from the University of Florida with a BFA in theatre performance and minor in dance. With the constant inspiration of her tremendously talented family Juliet pursues her passion of creating heart-based art on a daily basis as a professional choreographer, performer, and educator. Career highlights include: choreographing for twenty one pilots on the Late Show with Seth Myers, playing Lane in The Clean House, and winning the Best Director Award at the Strawberry One Act Festival for Salamander Stew. Juliet is a proud redhead, devoted Hanson fan, and has never lost at a board game…or so she says. 


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David Oberst (Composer/Musical Director/Producer)

David graduated from Duke University with a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering and minor in Music. While his day job has always been in the tech sector, David enjoys every opportunity he gets to flex his creative muscles. Favorite past projects have included Lippa's The Wild Party (Music Director), Company (Conductor), and Chess (Music Director). When he isn't working or making music, David enjoys escape rooms, singing karaoke, and watching the Game Show Network.



Janette Lynott (Business Manager/ Production Manger/Producer)

 Janette  Lynott has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Marymount Manhattan College and is a life long supporter of the Arts.  She's spent much of her time involved in Music and Theater and remains a supporter while also pursuing a career in film and television production.  She has worked on projects across MTV, The Food Network, PBS and CNN and is currently a Unit Manager across various television programs.  Janette is also a taco enthusiast and specializes in setting off the fire alarm while cooking- just ask her roommates.


Xylina Golding (Company Manager/Producer)

Xylina Golding graduated with a Bachelor Arts degree in Theatre at the University of South Florida. She staged managed for 10 years including being the company stage manager for Jobsite Theater based in Florida. She now works in post production for film and television and has been in this industry for over 6 years, with projects including Warner Bros, Marvel, Netflix and is currently working on an HBO show. "X" can often be found drinking margaritas and listening to the smooth sounds of Kenny G... you know, because nothing says margaritas like Kenny G.