Audiences are Raving....Here is what some of them said

"It wasn’t what I expected, it was very different in the best way!"

"I am Forever Changed! What an amazing show with a fantastic script, captivating performances, incredible choreography and unforgettable music. Everyone should see this show- you will not be disappointed."

"I thought the choreography was breathtaking. It was a very physical show. I could not have done what the actors are doing on stage."

"I thought it was incredible. I felt like I understood every character and knew them personally."

"All of the movement had a specific and clear meaning."

"Better than Shakespeare."

"Out of this world! The language was like Shakespeare with its own little twist."

"It is a work of art!"

"It is something audiences can sink their teeth into, people can relate to. It could truly improve the world and perhaps an individual life that comes to see it."

"It's one of the best works of art I’ve seen!"

"The entire thing works as a metaphor."

"This has such a big impact."


"Loved, loved, loved the play! It is profound! It was like Edgar Allen Poe meets Shakespeare with a bit of modern day snarkyism."

"Amazing poetry."

"The dancing was incredible!"

"The choreography was Broadway level!"

"I loved the show! I thought it was thought-provoking and provocative."

"The prose was very sophisticated."

"The message really resonates."

"It is life changing and full of hidden meanings."

"The performance of Way Back Home was heartbreakingly beautiful."

"I loved how the dancing became more and more prominent as the show progressed."

"Being free from illusions is a concept that really resonates with me."