"The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live."

-Auguste Rodin


The BackStory 

Michael Fixel studied English at Columbia University in the early 70’s where he wrote many plays. His play Salamander Stew won numerous awards but was never put into production because it was deemed too difficult to stage. Fast forward 30 years when Michael decided to submit his play to the Strawberry One Act Festival and have his daughter Juliet produce and direct it. After several award winning productions of Salamander Stew, Michael decided to take a look back at his script for the sequel titled Snowdrift. After several rewrites Snowdrift was renamed Freefall Frostbite and became a play with music. He then submitted Freefall Frostbite to the NYC International Fringe Festival in 2013. Since that production people from the show along with other artists that have joined along the way have collaborated with Michael to create a script of which everyone is extremely proud. 


The next step was to create music that elevated the complex text and connected to the characters’ intentions. David and Juliet met at karaoke and the rest was history. They became a music writing team that was able to build on the inspiration started by a group of the original cast members. Melanie then met Juliet at karaoke as well and added a rock aspect to the musical team.  Xylina and Janette, each with their own areas of expertise, joined in on the project to help make this a reality. Already so many people have begun to get involved and put their own imprint on this project. The following line is said in both Salamander Stew and Freefall Frostbite, “Touch me and be forever changed.” Well that is what happens when you experience the words, story, music, and movement of Freefall Frostbite

The team had hoped to submit the show to the NYC International Fringe Festival this year, but with the hiatus of the festival, they set out to bring the production to life with the help of Kickstarter. And it was a success! The team raised their full kickstarter goal and now have a good chunk of the funds that will go towards booking a venue, productions costs, and paying the talent. 


A script which later centuries look up to as a holy book.
— Michael Fixel, Freefall Frostbite